Five perfect entry points for Sniper X

Five perfect entry points for Sniper X

Live Deals

The efficiency of any strategy is best evidenced by the deals made with its help. From time to time, we conduct online trading sessions, when all day Forex Academy traders analyze the state of affairs on different instruments and, if conditions arise, open deals. Viewers copy them and earn.

This time we will analyze 2 trades, let's start with XAUUSD:

Now let's move on to the USDCHF pair:

Consider the same logic when analyzing markets. Review the online trading record once again, adopt the method of finding entry points from our traders - this is a good addition to training.

Signals worked by daily analytics

Although Thursday fell out of work, the 3 entry points still worked well:

The patterns in Sniper X are really simple. After a little practice, they begin to literally catch your eye, even without the markup, you will notice them on the chart.