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Are Walmart Tires Good Quality? Trust The Answer

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Are Walmart Tires Good Quality?
Are Walmart Tires Good Quality?

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Are Walmart tires poor quality?

Are Walmart tires good quality? Walmart offers a wide selection of name-brands from high-end Michelin rubber to budget-friendly Goodyear tires that can satisfy both picky consumers and bargain hunters. They provide good quality tires with affordable installation packages.

Why tires are Walmart in cheaper?

Walmart Has Exclusive Agreements With Tire Brands

Another reason why Walmart tires are so inexpensive is that Walmart collaborates with well-known brands such as Goodyear, Michelin, Uniroyal, Toyo, and Mastercraft Tires to manufacture cheaper tire ranges.

Should You Buy Tires At Walmart?

Should You Buy Tires At Walmart?
Should You Buy Tires At Walmart?

Images related to the topicShould You Buy Tires At Walmart?

Should You Buy Tires At Walmart?
Should You Buy Tires At Walmart?

Is Discount tire or Walmart cheaper?

In my experience, you can find some of the best prices and overall buying experiences at Walmart, Costco, Sam’s Club, BJ’s Tire Center, Tire Rack and Discount Tire Direct.

Cost of Installation.
Cost Per Tire Total Cost
Walmart $15 $60
Costco $18.99 $75.96
Discount Tire Direct $22 $88
BJ’s Tire Center $20 $80
Mar 31, 2022

How much does Walmart charge to mount and balance a tire?

Walmart Value Tire Installation Package – $25 Per Tire

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This includes mounting the tire, servicing the valve stems and TPMS, lifetime balancing, rotation every 7,500 miles, and a lug re-torque after 50 miles. However, the added $10 per tire cost is owed due to the inclusion of a ‘road hazard protection’ warranty.

How much does tire installation cost at Walmart?

How Much Does Walmart Charge To Install Tires? If you purchase your tires from Walmart or, you can get your tires installed at a Walmart Auto Care Center for $15 per tire. That means you’ll be looking at a total of $60 for basic installation on four tires.

Are entry level tires good?

Besides safety concerns, the very cheapest tires provide poor durability. If the tires are too cheap, then you will end up replacing them so often that the cost savings are lost. In addition, cheap tires lower your gas mileage and produce more noise than mid-range and higher-end tires.

Do Walmart tires have a warranty?

Walmart Tire Warranty Coverage

When you purchase a tire from Walmart, you can return it within 90 days and get a refund, provided it is unused. If you want to get repairs or replacements, Walmart offers a Road Hazard warranty for $10 a tire.

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Before buying Walmart Tires, read this review

Walmart tires can be a fantastic value, and knowing what to expect from this giant super-store will make your buying experience a good one.

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Can you return tires to Walmart?

To receive a refund, go to or the app to start the return. Tires: New tires that have not been mounted or installed are returnable within 90 days to any store with an Auto Care Center. Stores without an Auto Care Center cannot accept tire returns.

Will Walmart install tires purchased elsewhere?

Walmart charges $15 tire per tire installation only applies to tires you bought from Walmart. Walmart will also install any tires but will charge an extra $10 per tire for tires you purchased elsewhere.

How Much Should 4 new tires cost?

The cost to replace just one tire is $100 to $300, he said, with people paying about $125 for a tire on a standard car and $200 or more on tires for pickup trucks and SUVs. According to recent reviews, Angie’s List members report paying an average cost of $637 to replace four tires, with a range of $525 to $725.

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How long is Walmart tire warranty?

The Walmart Road Hazard Warranty ($40 per car/$10 per tire) covers flat tires and general wear and tear for the lifetime of the tires. The Walmart Lifetime Balance Tire Warranty ($56 per car) covers tire balancing or tire rotation services.

What is the best month to buy tires?

And here’s the secret: Buy your tires in October or April to save the most on your new set of wheels. Tires go on sale in October to encourage consumers to buy before winter and again in April when the weather gets warm enough for people to start thinking about road trips and joy rides.

Are Walmart Douglas Tires any good?

Are Walmart Douglas Tires any good?
Are Walmart Douglas Tires any good?

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Are Walmart Douglas Tires Any Good?
Are Walmart Douglas Tires Any Good?

Does Walmart install TPMS?

Tire Pressure Monitoring System Service

Now, if you are wondering does Walmart install TPMS, then yes! Walmart can install TPMS sensors for $10 to $30, depending on the TPMS you choose.

How much does it cost to get 4 tires mounted and balanced?

As of writing, you’ll expect to pay from $13 to $45 to mount one tire or $52 to $180 for four tires. In terms of balancing, it would be around $10 to $15 for each tire or approximately $40 to $60 for all tires. However, the price would be a bit higher if you plan to have winter tires installed.

Are Goodyear tires good?

Goodyear tires have been long praised for their exceptional wear – a criterion that is based on Consumer Report’s tread wear test. Additionally, Goodyear has earned its reputation as one of the best tire brands for tenacious grip and outstandingly responsive handling.

Why are Douglas tires so cheap?

Douglas tires are one of the more affordable alternatives in the market today. They are priced similarly to other budget-friendly brands such as Laufenn tires and Ironman tires. Douglas tires are not only affordable because they come with a 45k-mile treadwear limited warranty.

How long are tires good for?

On average, people drive between 12,000 to 15,000 miles a year, which means the average good quality all-season tire will last somewhere between three and five years, depending on maintenance, driving style and conditions, etc.

Can I replace just one tire on my car?

Tread of other tires: If the other three tires are fairly new, you may be able to get by with just replacing one or two tires without drastically impacting performance and safety. As a rule of thumb, if the other 2 or 3 tires are worn down more than 4/32 of an inch of tread, you should replace all 4 tires.

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Do cheap tires wear faster?

But not only will expensive tires improve your car’s braking and handling, but they will also often have numerous other benefits over cheap tires. These can include reduced road-noise, improved ride quality, longer tread life, and even better gas mileage.

How many miles do cheap tires last?

Tires typically last around 50,000 miles, but this will depend on your driving habits and where you live. If you frequently drive on unpaved roads or you have a lead foot, your tires may need to be replaced sooner.

Does the price of tires matter?

Expensive tires provide you with a lot of benefits over cheaper ones. They are less likely to develop punctures and they also offer better fuel efficiency. If you value longevity and performance, expensive tires are worth the investment.

How often should you rotate your tires?

Namely, it’s a best practice to rotate tires every 5,000 to 7,500 miles or so. This is a rule of thumb, however, and you’ll want to double-check with your vehicle’s owner’s manual for more specific information.

Getting WALMART TIRES a good or bad idea?? All you need to know!

Getting WALMART TIRES a good or bad idea?? All you need to know!
Getting WALMART TIRES a good or bad idea?? All you need to know!

Images related to the topicGetting WALMART TIRES a good or bad idea?? All you need to know!

Getting Walmart Tires A Good Or Bad Idea??  All You Need To Know!
Getting Walmart Tires A Good Or Bad Idea?? All You Need To Know!

Can you return tires after driving them?

The trial period is usually 30 to 45 days, depending on the manufacturer. If you’re not happy with your tires and would like a different set, you can return them. Most manufacturers require you to exchange the tires for a new set from their product lineup to qualify.

Are Douglas tires made by Goodyear?

Douglas tires are manufactured by The Kelly Springfield manufacturer. Douglas is also a subsidiary of the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company and they began manufacturing tires in 1992. All of the tires listed are affordable and they are all backed with a minimum 40,000 – 45,000-mile treadwear warranty.

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