Can A 3030 Kill A Grizzly Bear? All Answers

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Can A 30/30 Kill A Grizzly Bear?
Can A 30/30 Kill A Grizzly Bear?

Will 30 30 kill a bear?

30/30 is not just a proven bear killer, it is probably the most-proven bear killer. Select a quick-expanding bullet for this kind of hunting.

Can you kill a grizzly bear with a thirty ought six?

30-06 rifle they can shoot well rather than a shiny new magnum that has been fired just enough to get sighted-in. If you are going to hunt brown bear on the Alaska Peninsula or Kodiak Island, a . 30-06 loaded with 200- or 220-grain Nosler® or similar premium bullet will do the job with good shot placement.

Can a 30/30 kill a grizzly bear?

Can a 30/30 kill a grizzly bear?
Can a 30/30 kill a grizzly bear?

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Can A 30/30 Kill A Grizzly Bear?
Can A 30/30 Kill A Grizzly Bear?

What calibers will kill a grizzly bear?

40 caliber pistols, all against black bears, all successful, all of the bears were killed. There was one use of a 10 mm pistol against a grizzly. 4 or 5 shots were fired. It was successful and the bear was killed.

What is the best rifle to kill a grizzly bear?

9 Great Grizzly Guns for Brown Bear Hunting and Backcountry…
  • Ruger Hawkeye Alaskan (. 375 Ruger) …
  • Winchester Model 70 Alaskan (. 375 H&H) …
  • Marlin 1895 (. 450 Marlin) …
  • Remington Model 700 (. 375) …
  • Remington 870 (12 gauge) …
  • Taurus Tracker (. …
  • Glock 20 (10mm) …
  • Ruger Super Redhawk.

Can a 30/30 kill a moose?

Our outfitter confessed that of the more than 70 moose he’s shot over his lifetime more than half fell to his . 30-30, which is about as far as you can get in a big-game chambering from the . 338 Win. Mag.

What is the best caliber rifle for bear hunting?

30/30 Winchester. Not only is the . 30/30 Winchester a proven black bear killer, but it’s possibly the most-proven black bear killer on the market. It’s a quick expanding cartridge that can hit a bear with a 155-grain bullet coming in at 2,390 fps and 1,966 ft/lbs.

Can a 308 kill a grizzly bear?

If your plan is to shoot a charging grizzly at 20 paces you do not merely need the perfect North American big game cartridge, you need a specialized, dangerous game cartridge and rifle setup. If you hope to hunt and then shoot a big bear at a reasonable distance, the . 308 will kill him just like it will kill an elk.

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.30-30 Winchester for Grizzly Or Brown Bear Hunting? Best …

No, the .30-30 Winchester is UNDERKILL for grizzly or brown bear hunting, under average conditions, from a mid-range distance, with a medium …

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.30-30 stops a Killer Grizzly at 6 feet | Marlin Firearms Forum

You are absolutely right, the 30-30 will kill anything in North America. It’s the shooter that made the difference. . Like.

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Why ISN’T the 30-30 an adequate cartridge for Bear Protection?

So, take your 30-30 and go shoot an unsuspecting brown bear with it with the best well aimed shot you can deliver. Then come back and report …

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Going for grizzly with a 30-30 – 24hourcampfire

way back in the day, we saw a tv star weilding his 30-30 to kill a … the thread of “How long will I live” and enter 30-30 + grizzly bear.

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Is 300 win mag enough for grizzly?

300 Win Mag loads use 150-300 grain bullets. When using quality bullets and with good shot placement, both the 7mm Rem Mag and . 300 Win Mag are excellent for hunting black, brown, and grizzly bear at all practical hunting ranges.

Will a 300 Blackout kill a bear?

300 AAC Blackout will get the job done on black bears with the right bullet, which means it should be just fine for deer, antelope and similar-size game as well.

Will a 5.56 kill a grizzly bear?

223/5.56 would do NOTHING to a bear so I just wished him a nice day and went about my hike. While I love seeing people open carrying I just couldn’t help but think how misinformed this guy must be to think that an AR is adequate defense for bears, especially grizzlies which we have a lot of here.

Will a .45 stop a bear?

In general, the . 45 acp is a poor choice for bear defense. The round is slow, fat, and has fairly poor penetration on tough-skinned animals; however, some people carry . 45 acp with modern +P ammo and hardened bullets for bear defense.

Will a .44 Magnum stop a grizzly?

For a bear cartridge anything equal to or more powerful than a . 41 Magnum or . 44 Magnum will be fine. Oldtime black bear hunters say that any load that throws at least a 200-grain or bigger solid bullet at 1000 fps or more will take any bear in the woods.

Why the .30/30 Is All You Need – Madman Review

Why the .30/30 Is All You Need – Madman Review
Why the .30/30 Is All You Need – Madman Review

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Why The .30/30 Is All You Need - Madman Review
Why The .30/30 Is All You Need – Madman Review

What gun does RIP use in Yellowstone?

Rip (Cole Hauser) uses the two-tone Kimber Ultra CDP II pistol during the standoff at Ruby’s Diner in “No Kindness for the Coward” (S4E08).

Where is the best place to shoot a grizzly bear?

Aim for the deadliest point you can find. On a close-in, charging bear, this will probably be the face or upper chest. Often full-attack grizzlies lower their heads as they come in, so that’s about all you have to aim at.

What weapon can kill a grizzly bear?

Ideal Heavy Rifles for Bear Protection

While big bore rifles are ideal, even a . 308 will work. The velocity, penetration, and damage will be head and shoulders above any handgun as long as you pick some good bonded or monolithic bullets like Federal Trophy Bonded or Barnes TSX.

CAN 3030 kill elk?

Plenty of elk killed with 30-30 every year. Lots of my family have killed elk with 30-30 and 300 savage at farther ranges than your talking about. Hit them right and elk will die with whatever you are shooting.

Can a 243 kill a grizzly bear?

243 with a good, bonded bullet is absolutely deadly. Grizzlies do garner a reputation of being a little tougher to kill, but that seems to have much more to do with the bear being aware of the hunter’s presence.

What is a 3030 rifle good for?

30-30 Winchester is Still One of the Best Deer Hunting Rifles (And Here’s Why) Love it or hate it, over its soon-to-be 125-year lifetime, the lever-action . 30-30 rifle has arguably killed more whitetail deer than any other single cartridge.

What is the difference between 308 and 30-06?

308 vs . 30-06 is that the former uses a shorter case, as . 308 Winchester is 2.8 inches in overall length and . 30-06 is 3.34 inches in length.

What caliber is a Kodiak bear?

Most experienced hunters consider a . 30-06 rifle with a 180 grain soft-nosed bullet to be the smallest effective caliber for Kodiak brown bears.

Where can I shoot a bear?

Aiming towards the center-mass of the body cavity is important, I like to shoot about 4 to 5 inches back from the shoulder on a broadside bear. Bears have soft skins and the rib bones are fairly light. The biggest threat to penetration is the front shoulder—stay away from it.

Can a 7mm 08 kill a grizzly bear?

There is a long running thread about killing most large game with a 223 (great read) so a 7mm-08 with a quality bullet and proper shot placement will definitely work.

Winchester model 94 30-30 Bear hunt

Winchester model 94 30-30 Bear hunt
Winchester model 94 30-30 Bear hunt

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Winchester Model 94 30-30 Bear Hunt
Winchester Model 94 30-30 Bear Hunt

What is the difference between 30 30 and 308?

30-30 Winchester rounds – on average – achieve a velocity of about 2370 feet per second (fps) while . 308 Winchester rounds travel at a velocity of 2680 fps. To put this into perspective, a Boeing 737 commercial airliner travels at a cruising speed of 600 mph, or 880 fps. That is to say, .

Is a 308 more powerful than 30-06?

308 Winchester will perform as much as 15% better in terms of velocity, energy, and trajectory, than will most 220-grain bullets fired from a . 30/06.

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